The former Minister of Economic Development, who now sits in Maldives parliament presented six new bills related to Covid-19 recovery aid.

The ex-Minister, and current Maavashu MP Mohamed Saeed on Wednesday evening confirmed of the new bills presented to parliament.

The draft bills included rent deferment of social housing, farmer relief, loan relief, withdrawal from pension fund and bills on residency rents and tourism rents.

All the proposed bills have been presented as provisions in his previous attempts to of draft bills to parliament. Saeed presented bills on two separate occasions. Both bills were rejected from parliament floors.

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed explaining the rejection claimed, the bills were taken out of the floors as it contradicts with public finance of Maldives government.

Nasheed advised from the MP to revise the bills and present again.

The MP's second attempt was rejected as it contradicted the Maldives Parliament Act, which cited public finance bills can be exclusively presented by the state.

According to MP Saeed, his proposed bills will provide relief on unlawful eviction of tenants from residences over rent delays.

The bill provisioned barring eviction of tenants who have been unable to settle more than 50% of rents. The provision will be effective on Greater Male' Region until the period of travel restrictions.

The proposed bill further cites rent repayment of the 50% pending payment within 10 months post government lifting international travel restrictions.