The High Court of Maldives has ordered that 8 hardliners would be fitted with ankle tags as part of the on-going efforts against radicalization in the country.

Home Minister Abdullah Imran made this announcement in his interview to Raaje TV last night.

The Minister said while the country is battling against Covid-19 global pandemic, there are those who look to take advantage of the situation and act to destabilize the country. He said some extremists are planning to cause harm to both the government and its people.

Minister Imran said even last week the Police force carried an operation that derailed such plans by radicals.

He said on Thursday the high court has issued a monitor and control order for 8 extremists upon the request of the Ministry. He said the monitor and control order was enacted within the powers vested to the Minister under the Act on Terrorism to avert plots that would destabilize and harm the security of the country.

Recent media reports have said that hardliners had made plans for the Maafushi jail. Police Specials Forces had carried out an operation at the Maafushi jail following intelligence reports on the matter.