Islamic Ministry renews nationwide ban on congregational prayers until the 14th of next month amid the escalation of the Covid-19 crisis in the Maldives.

In a statement the Ministry said in light of the rapidly evolving Covid-19 crisis in the highest committee on Fatwah with the support of religious clerics, the Ministry had decided to extend the ban on congregational prayers of all Fard prayers, Friday prayers and Tarawih prayers until 14th of May.

The Minister said the ban would be extended until Asr (late afternoon) prayers on the 14th of May.

The Ministry instructed Imams to continue to call out the Azan (call for prayer) along with a mandatory advisory in Dhivehi post-Azan advising the public to attend their prayers from home.

Islamic Ministry urged the nation to remain steadfast in their prayers and fulfill their religious duties in the holy month of Ramadan as the country faced an unprecedented health crisis.