The final preparations are underway to conduct sessions of Maldives Parliament via web-conferencing.

Maldives parliament announced temporary cessation on their regular sessions in light of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, Maldives government also announced its institutions will remain temporarily closed from regular official conduct.

Preparations for the web-conference sessions by Maldivian parlimentarians were shared by ruling party lawmaker Imthiyaz Fahmy of the North-Maafannu constituency.

The local politicians will be using designated web-conferencing tools; which integrates video-calling along with chat options in order to resume their legislative discource.

In a tweet Mr Fahmy noted the final preparations before commencing the web-conference sessions were underway.

Earlier, parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed noted the People's Majilis (Maldives parliament house) cannot remain completely shut down and necessary discussions must proceed through alternate means.

Meanwhile, the Maldives parliament recently announced the web-conference standard of procedures; highlighting on aspects such as lawmakers requesting for their turns for discourse and asking for votes.