MP for Th. Guraidhoo constituency Ghassan Maumoon says Maldivian borders should now be shut to protect the country from the global pandemic Covid-19 that has claimed more that 16 thousand lives worldwide.

In a tweet, Ghassan said the wellbeing of airport workers and those working in resorts should be guaranteed amid the crisis. He said that putting their lives at risk at this time is unacceptable. He called on authorities to close the country’s border.

Ghassan also said that while a lot of effective preventive measures have so far been taken in this fight against Covid-19, leaving even one measure might be costly later on.

Government had already placed stern precautions to avoid a massive breakout of the virus having banned tourists and resort staff from entering all inhabited islands in the country for now. It has also banned tourist excursions for the foreseeable future.

Thirteen people have so far been tested for Covid-19 here in Maldives with most being tourists from different countries. So far no Maldivian have been tested positive for the virus.