The number of positive COVID-19 patients from India as of recent updates have been placed at 41, according to officials.

The South-Asian giant currently faces the pandemic's fast paced spread across its states.

Recent positive case was confirmed from the outskirt state of Jammu and Kashmir, where it was reported one individual was quarantined positive for the virus.

It has been revealed the COVID-19 case from Jammu and Kashmir was identified from a 63 year old female who holds a recent travel record to Iran.

Iran is currently facing the novel coronavirus outbreak with multiple cases surfacing everyday.

Meanwhile, several cases have been reported from Cochin which is frequented by Maldivians, with the most recent case reported from a 03 year old child.

Reports further claim the child had recently traveled to Italy with his family for holidaying.

Indian authorities are attempting to conduct a contact trace analysis to identify any individual who may have come in close contact with the child and his family in the flight they traveled.

Kochi state currently has nine positive cases for COVID-19.

India has several direct flights to Maldives, bringing in thousands of travelers both on vacation and for work.

While the Indian traveler market witnessed the strongest growth rate to Maldives in 2019, the traveler influx from the South-Asian giant does not seem to slow down despite the alarming presence of COVID-19 in the region.