Jumhooree Party of Maldives announced on Saturday it has cancelled the scheduled rally on upcoming Friday, 13 February 2020.

In a press release the party claimed their decision to cancel the rally, place in efforts to expand their activities and membership, comes due to the fast spreading coronavirus pandemic.

In their statement, Jumhooree Party notes several reports have notified foreign travelers were found positive to COVID-19, after they reach their home country post holidaying in Maldives.

The party asserted, the circumstances may pose the possibilities of the viral pandemic spreading in the island nation as it can be transmitted through contact.

Jumhooree Party explained their decision to cancel the rally was cautionary and an attempt to restrict any possibilities of anyone infected coming in contact with others.

Moreover, the political party claimed their priority was to ensure safety of the Maldivian public rather than achieving any political advantage or foreground.

The party's rally have been postponed for an unpredecedented period.