One local's response and raised concern at the public attended discussion on minimum wage has left politicians and businessmen silent.

During the time allocated to the members of the public present at the discussion to present concerns and queries, Ms Fathimath Saaira 'fired shots' at the politicians present.

"We have talked about the economy a lot over here, I want to ask; whose economy is discussed here? Is the economy a title on benefitting the businesses of a select few or is it the collective well-being of the people?" Saaira shot the questions.

Ms Saaira further explained she had started her career at the tender age of 15 while her husband has been in the hospality industry for years.

She went on to explain how workers employed in the hospitality and tourism industry are unable to spend appropriate time with their family and children. Ms Saaira implied working class citizens were visibly stripped out of their basic human rights.

Ms Saaira's concerns then turned as clear criticism aimed at current Kendhikulhudhoo MP Ahmed Easa.

Mr Easa has represented the workers of the tourism industry before his transition as a parliamentarian.

Ms Saaira alleged the lawmaker who advocated on behalf of the working class citizens before his transition as a parliamentarian has gone silent ever since he took a chair at the Parliament chambers.

She went on to lambaste both Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) and Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI).

In her criticism, Ms Saaira noted how both these associations were against the issue of rent controlling and were now against raising the bar on minimum wage.

She lambasted and alleged both the associations were attempting to place duress on the working class citizens by favoring decisions and policies that would strip the basic rights of the proletarians.

Moreover, she claimed how these associations should not advocate exclusively on behalf of protecting the interests of the rich and powerful. She further explained advocating on the public's interest does not mean one has become a socialist.

She had also criticized on the narrow perception on the concepts of democracy and human rights in Maldives.

Speaking on behalf of the working class and the general public, Ms Saaira further commented the true essence of democracy is not exclusive only to the public's vote every five years.

She argued the true meaning of democracy means the active involvement of the public in every major policy or state's decision that would in turn effect the lives of the people.