The Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has intervened opposition lawmaker Ahmed Shiyam, claiming the latter was inciting public panic over the viral outbreak of COVID-19.

On Wednesday, Maduvvari MP Adam Shareef presented a motion urging the Maldives government to prepare and equip against the currently widespearing pandemic of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

MP Shiyam, while condoning the motion and its contents claimed the current administration have been reckless as well as underestimate the gravity of the situation.

The lawmaker further alleged the Maldives government was covering up reports related to COVID-19, strongly implying the public fear was obvious and correct. MP Shiyam further hinted that the actual number of individuals tested positive for the virus have been redacted from publicly made statements.

Parliament's Speaker, following the allegations and criticism from MP Shiyam, claimed that while the presence of COVID-19 in Maldives may be a possibility it does not warrant for a widespread panic.

Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed further explained the virus can be treated and countered actively with the equipment and control measures now present in the country.

The opposition MP then went on to place further blame on the current administration, alleging it was unconcerned with the public's plight. MP Shiyam accused Solih's administration has failed to address and answer to public outcry.

Debunking the statements made by MP Shiyam, the parliament Speaker claimed Maldives was currently ready in its efforts to counter and control any spread of COVID-19 into the country.