The Maldives Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed has fallen into hot water after a series of leaked audio clips point on his scandelous conduct, corruption and sexual harassment.

The latest of these clips to go viral on popular micro-blogging platform; Twitter included a phone call from Minister of Transport Aishath Nahula confronting the embattled Minister of Tourism over the 'disgusting' call earlier.

In the audio clip, Ms. Nahula, the wife of locally renowned businessman and Jumhoory Party leader Qasim Ibrahim, questioned her colleague regarding his indecent mannerism of conversing and the veiled sexual advances he made.

However, Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed kept denying the allegations made on him reiterating his claim of the audio clips being forgeries.

While the identities of the whistleblowers have not become public, their Twitter handle claims the latest in the leaked audio clips confirm the validity of the previous audio clips; especially the alleged conversation between the two ministers in question.

Ms. Nahula, sounded obviously disgusted while confronting her colleague questioning about the breach of trust while Mr. Waheed repeatedly claimed "it's an edit."

Minister Waheed's claims of the audio clips being forgeries were quashed when Ms. Nahula confirmed the conversation in fact took place between them earlier - but she was oblivious to her colleague's veiled advances.

The Minister of Transport sounded upset after she came to know her initial phone call with Minister Waheed was put on speaker and heard by his colleagues at the ministry's chambers.

While Ms. Nahula confirms conversation between the ministers in fact took place, the Minister of Transport has since filed a complaint with Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih against her colleague to conduct a proper investigation.

Buried deep between several allegations, Minister of Tourism was absent at Sunday's tourism event while he remains elusive from commenting on the matter other than the continued reiteration of the audios being 'fakes.'

The whistleblowers, on their Twitter handle @LeaksMV claimed they were recently approached with a bribe offer to cease their efforts.