The International Aid Camp (IAC) confirms Maldives has extended aid in providing gas - for household applications - to the battle struck people of Gaza.

IAC in a post on Monday confirms several households of Gazans have been supplied with cooking gas cylinders, at a time when the people were experiencing winter solstice.

The aid was supplied through with the assistance of Palestinian Charitable Organization according to IAC.

Gaza is currently experiencing temperatures below 5 degree celsius during the winter period.

Humanitarian organizations claim the citizens of Gaza do not have basic survival necessities at their disposal such as duvets or rags to cover themselves against the cold.

Meanwhile statistics from Shelter Cluster claim 23% of the Gazan population resides in dilapidated buildings with the absence of proper ventilation or insulation.

On the other hand a dangerous amount of roughly 27% of the population lives in unsafe buildings with the danger to their lives.

Reports confirm several Gaza residents were stripped from their homes since 2014 due to continued shelling and confrontation at the West Bank between Israeli forces and Palestinian military.

Meanwhile, the Gazans have become trapped between the crossfires of inhuman conduct of Israel and the constrained policies of Palestine itself.