Several of Sri Lankan media has reported the arrest of four Maldivians, suspected with ties to the terror attack at the country in April 2019.

Sri Lankan media reports a total of 153 individuals were arrested by the country's authorities over suspicion for holding ties with terror groups and the attack.

Meanwhile, the Police Legal Division's Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ajit Rohanaya was quoted in Sri Lanka's "News First" for making a total arrest of 216 individuals for their suspected links to the terror attack on Lankan soil.

The Sri Lanka Police Legal Division's DIG has confirmed out of the 216 suspects, 153 individuals were sentenced for remand under anti-terror act of the country.

The remanded suspects included the said four Maldivian individuals as well.

The investigation is aided by FBI, Interpol and Australian Federal Police according to Sri Lankan authorities.

Several locations of Sri Lanka became ground zero for bombings on 21 April, when Easter Sunday was celebrated.

The bombings claimed 258 lives including 45 tourists while over 500 civilians received injuries of various magnitudes.

Immediately after the attack, radicalist group 'National Thauheed' had claimed responsibility.