The Policy Secretary of President's Office Ms Aminath Shauna has received public lambaste for apparent stakes in the consultancy firm responsible with public relations for Trans-Maldivian Airways (TMA).

Several posts on social media platforms have alleged Shauna along with her husband holds significant stakes in the consultancy firm; that has been tasked in providing consultancy for the seaplane operator.

Since the revelation of the news, various transcripts pertaining to the stakeholder ties Shauna and her husband has with the firm, have been publicly shared.

The firm in question, Atoll Communication associated with TMA in 2016 to provide consultancy on public relations.

It has been confirmed through documents both Shauna and her husband, Mohamed Thoriq were partners in the firm while Thoriq still retains 50% of the firm's shares.

However, the Policy Secretary at PO has since denied the allegations made on her through a tweet.

"I have no role in Atoll Communications, nor do I own any shares in the firm" she claimed.

Though she has denied the allegations, Shauna has been unable to prove her claims.

According to the company registry on the website of Maldives Ministry of Economic Development, Ms Aminath Shauna's name appears as the firm's Managing Director.

The PR firm also has shares from Paul Roberts, who was responsible in handling public relations issues of former President Mohamed Nasheed during his administration.

The issue has surfaced amid tension breaking out regarding the MACL-TMA seaplane terminal deal; which many allege is an exploitative deal to illicitly benefit the company at the expense of severe losses to the government.