The Commission on Disappearances and Deaths (DDCom) has filed to reopen investigation on former Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed.

The commission has reopend the investigation on the prominent religious figure regarding is alleged ties to the gruesome murder of notable religious scholar and former Un'goofaaru MP Dr Afraasheem Ali.

DDCom has confirmed the commission has filed to Maldives Police Service to reopen its investigations on Dr Shaheem.

Regarding the matter, a media official of Maldives Police Service noted details of the case will not be disclosed due to the issue becoming reinstated into 'ongoing' status.

Furthermore, at the time of the reporting, it is unclear when the commission had filed their request to reopen the police investigation.

Meanwhile DDCom had filed their request at Prosecutor General's Office on 04 December 2019, to push for reopening the investigation.

The commission claims Dr Shaheem had provided false information to the authority during its investigation on the murder of Dr Afraasheem Ali.

In its report DDCom notes that Dr Shaheem had stated he met Dr Afraasheem on 01 October 2012 without any prior appointment.

However, in light of extracted messaging records confirm the two were in contact and communicated to meet at 13:00hrs of the said date.

Moreover, the report claims Dr Shaheem had instructed the now slain scholar to attend Television Maldives for a program recording on 02 October 2012 - the night he was murdered.

In Dr Shaheem's testimony, the religious figure claims he was not privy to the exact individual who disclosed Dr Afraasheem's confirmation whether he can attend the program recording or not.