The Maldives government collected a total of MVR233.1 million in various fines.

According to statistics publicized by Ministry of Finance, the fines, for varying purposes, in total reached the aforementioned figure by end of 2019.

The ministry's statistics further revealed the generated figure exceeded the forecast by MVR36 million.

In the state budget, it was forecast the total collection in fines for the fiscal year of 2019 will reach MVR197 million.

The state forecasts a total of MVR169.7 million in fines for the fiscal year of 2020 under the state budget.

State estimates revenue collection from violation of laws or regulations will amount to MVR83 million, with another additional MVR30 million raised from parking violations.

Moreover, government estimates violations to agreements will raise MVR11 million.

In addition to this, state estimates MVR8 million will be collected from employee fines; including late fines.

Furthermore state estimates MVR166,869 will be raised from case violations and debt.

Another MVR31 million has been estimated by state, to be collected for traffic violations with MVR400,000 raised for various other fines and charges.

The state budget for the fiscal year of 2020 amounts to MVR37.5 billion.