The Maldives government on Thursday has officially dissolved controversy-laden pro-democracy network; the Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN).

MDN came under fire recently following the a report they published back in 2015 - which picked traction earlier in 2019.

The report, titled 'Preliminary Assessment of Radicalization in Maldives' was deemed 'anti-Islamic' while several pro-religious movements including prominent scholars were quick to posit criticsm on the report.

The pro-democracy network was accused of pushing anti-Islamic sentiments while mocking Muslims' beloved Prophet Muhammad.

The report in question, had suggested the doctrines of Islam were unfit for modern day and promoted radicalist notion, and was thus the root cause of extremist ideologies.

MDN's report caused an uproar within the Maldivian Muslim community, with many overzealous locals calling out for immediate termination of the network.

Moreover, the situation became further critical when a few locals had called for blood during a rally in one of the inhabited islands of the island nation.

Several members of the Maldives parliament voiced their disappointment with authorities' inaction in making arrests of the people responsible for the report.

However, Maldives Police had stepped in to initiate probe into the matter and presented their assessment to Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment.

Under the Maldives Associations Act, the ministry is vested with the mandated authority in monitoring locally registered associations, non-profits and similar networks.

The ministry had ordered MDN to clear outstanding debts or settle any outstanding payments within a 45 day period.

The ministry issued 45-day period for the network became due on Thursday, and during the period MDN had not presented any documents of grievances.

Though the network seemed initially unapologetic over the report, they had however, later on publicly apologized for the report.