The two sides agreed to work towards stability in the border area and hold a new round of consultations on the border issues.

Both side agreed to hold bilateral talks when the foreign ministers of the two nations met in Astana , Kazakhstan.

After the meeting, China said foreign minister Wang Yi, highlighted the importance for both sides to view bilateral relations from a strategic height, strengthen communication, properly handle differences, and ensure that China-India relations develop along a healthy and stable track.

He also stated that, China is willing to follow the series of important consensuses reached by the leaders of the two countries, respect each other, understand each other, trust each other, take care of each other, and achieve each other, and explore the right way for the two major neighbors to get along.

Yi also said that both side should handle border area situation with a positive attitude resuming normal excahnges.

Indian foreign minister Dr. Jaishankar stated that the current geopolitical situation is very complex for the two neighbors while both face common challenges.

He also stated that having extensive common interests developing a stable and predictable India-China relationship is in the interests of both sides and will benefit the region and the world.

Further he stated that, India hopes to work with China to constructively resolve specific differences and open a new page in India-China relations as soon as possible. (Extract from China FM Spokesperson Mao Ning’s remarks)