The Parliament has accepted an amendment to the Immigration Act submitted by MDP that would allow the Maldives to ban Israeli passport holders from entering the country.

The MP for Galolhu South Constituency Meekail Ahmed Naseem submitted the amendment bill to the parliament. The bill was accepted by the parliament by all 88 MPs who took part in the vote.

The Parliament Chair then forwarded the bill to the Parliament Committee on National Security Services for review.

MP Meekail proposed bringing amendments to Article 8 of the Immigration Act. This Article details people who do not have a permit for entry into the Maldives. The MP wants to add additional subsections to the Article.

If the amendment is passed, Maldivian authorities will ban Israeli passport holders and dual citizens with Israeli passports.

The Maldivian government had announced that it would begin legal work to ban Israeli passport holders from the Maldives by bringing amendments to the Immigration law. This drew the attention from across the world with many commanding the stance of the government against Israel for its genocidal acts in Gaza and occupied Palestine.