Supreme Court has today decided that judges presiding over cases in the lower courts must also don judges' gowns during court proceedings.

The top court announced its decision in its regulation on the dress code for the judges of the lower court which it published today.

Supreme Court said that the judges' gown must be made in likeness to the design set by the Department of Judicial Administration DJA. It said that the lower court judges must begin wearing gowns during court proceedings within 4 months after the regulation is put into practice.

The regulation stipulates that the lower court judges must be dressed in gowns during court sessions starting October 1st of this year.

It also states that DJA must provide gowns to the judges every two years.

Right now, only judges on the Supreme Court and High Court benches must wear gowns during court proceedings. Lower Court Judges must wear black or dark blue suits during court sessions.