Male' City Council has decided to name an unnamed street in Male' after the State of Palestine.

The Mayor of Male' City Adam Azim proposed to name the street 'Palestine Hingun'.

Speaking at the 146th Official General Session of the 4th Session of the Council, Azim noted that there are two unnamed streets in Male' and said that Palestine has always been very close to the people's hearts in the Maldives.

He then asked the other members of the City Council for their views about naming one of the streets after Palestine.

All but one member of the meeting voted in favor of naming a road after Palestine. The Mayor said that the exact name of the road and all the details would be shared with the members and a special ceremony would be held to open the road.

The Maldives has been a strong advocate for the Palestinian movement and a staunch ally of the State of Palestine.

Recently, the Maldives welcomed the application of arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, filed by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), before the Pre-Trial Chamber I of the Court regarding the situation in the State of Palestine.

In a statement by the President's Office, the government said that the continuous aggression and genocidal acts perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people are a blatant disregard for international human rights and humanitarian law, and the results of these aggressive actions have translated into a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe.