Police have warned that scammers are now making calls from unknown numbers in the name of the Maldives Police Service.

They said that scammers are using the Police logo to call potential victims using international numbers and that the calls are being made by WhatsApp.

Police said that the scammers were claiming that there were problems with the customer's bank cards and asked the customer for the card information or to show it to the caller via a video call.

They warned that some fraudulent transactions have been detected from the accounts once the card information is shared or shown.

Police said that Maldives Police Services never calls from international numbers. Police also urged members of the public never to share personal information with unknown callers and to avoid answering calls from suspicious numbers impersonating the police.

Police further advised the public to verify any suspicious communications directly with their bank and to report any suspicious activity to the police promptly.

Scams of different kinds and under different names have grown very common in the Maldives in recent years and authorities have been unable to put a stop to the scams.