Former President Mohamed Nasheed says there is no reason why the people should vote for MDP candidates in tomorrow's Parliamentary Election.

Nasheed, the ex-president of MDP, commented while speaking at a campaign rally for democrats last night.

He said the MDP failed to fully achieve the manifesto with which it came into power in 2018. He said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's tenure ended without any benefits for the people.

Nasheed outlined that while the MDP's manifesto had plenty of solutions for the housing crisis in the country, the administration brought deception in the name of housing schemes and that too when it neared its end.

He added that the MDP administration did nothing for the housing crisis in the country.

Further criticizing the former administration, Nasheed said that it had nothing to show for all the economic developments it undertook and plunged the country into further debt.

Nasheed said the country has fallen into a debt trap and that it has to pay 20 percent of its earnings as debt repayment.

He also said that the MDP administration failed to bring those behind the MMPRC scandal to justice and that while they arrested former President Abdullah Yameen, they let all the others go.