Former Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed has asked the Parliament to cut his salary starting this month till the end of the Parliamentary term.

In a letter addressed to the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Aslam, the former President said that currently he is residing in Ghana as he had taken on the title of Secretary General of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF).

Nasheed said that all these official arrangments take time and that several efforts have been made to make his appointment official. He detailed that this includes the resolution on the CVF Secretariate passed by Ghana's Parliament in the middle of March.

He said that he hoped that all the arrangements for his appointment would be made official as soon as possible.

Nasheed then asked the Speaker to cut his salary as a member of the Parliament starting this month until the Parliamentary term ends.

The former Speaker moved to Ghana earlier this year.

Last year, the former President announced that he would be taking a sabbatical from Maldivian politics as he intends to cement his career in the international area. Nasheed is still a member of the current Parliament representing the Central Mahchangoalhi constituency.