President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu says it is not the best way to get elected by selling one party's policies and joining another after winning the seat. He also supports the Anti-Defection Bill in principle.

The President said that sometimes there are valid reasons why the Parliament members choose to change the political parties they represent.

President Muizzu said 13 MPs from MDP joined the government coalition because they did not believe in the party's politics. Noting that Parliamentarians who want to serve the people would always put the nation first, the President said that it is no secret why the 13 MPs chose to switch sides.

The President said that he believed that in principle, an official who is elected by wielding the policies of one party must remain with the party till the individual completes his/her term.

He said that individuals who compete and win the party's internal elections are then elected with the support of the Party's policies and that he does not believe that it is the best way to leave the ideology and join another.

Defection is unusually common in the Maldives and the main opposition party MDP had said that it would introduce an anti-Defection bill to the parliament soon.