Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has likened the current government to a high-speed sea vessel traveling backward.

He made the comments at an MDP campaign rally held last night.

Solih said that the engine had been installed on a vessel that travels backward and that the government is going back 20 years.

He also said that the current administration keeps showing the signs of a tyranny. He said that after assuming power, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu curtailed the freedoms afforded to the media, and the resilience of the reporters and those who brought democracy to the country has not allowed this to take effect.

The former President said that threats are being made against government employees over their jobs and that they are being forced to support the government and participate in campaign rallies organized by the government.

Solih said the government is now moving towards taking action against political leaders and that the chairperson of MDP, Fayyaz Ismail, has been summoned to the Police without reason.

He said that if nothing is done about these signs, the government will revert to the days of fear and intimidation.