Local media are reporting that the government of India has not included the Maldives in the select list of countries it is exporting onions to following the ban on export last December.

India, the world's second-largest onion exporter, halted exports last December due to a shortage in its local market following bad crops in major farming areas. This led to a price spike in the neighboring countries as onions are a staple in most Asian countries.

Indian media are reporting that its government is looking to lift the export ban to select countries and the countries are being chosen upon the recommendation of the country's External Affairs Ministry.

Media reports suggest the current names on the list include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius, and Bahrain.

The Indian government has not officially confirmed this. Prices of onions remain high in the Maldivian local market with 1kg of onions selling for MVR 30 today.

The relationship between the two neighboring countries remained strained after President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu took over power back in November and demanded that India withdraw its troops stationed in the island-nation. Following high-level talks between the two countries, India has agreed to remove all its military personnel by May of this year.