President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has once again lamented the poor financial choices of the previous government that have brought on the current economic predicaments that the country faces.

He made the remarks while speaking with the residents of Thinadhoo City.

During his speech, the President delved into the current economic situation in the country. He recalled the poor financial decisions made by the previous Administration that had brought about the predicament.

This includes printing banknotes worth MVR 800 million, increasing expenditure without generating revenue, as well as marking the deposited dollars and other decisions.

The President then went on to state what the current administration is doing to put the economy back on the right track.

In his speech, President Muizzu emphasized the importance of dialogue to resolve issues effectively. In this regard, the President expressed his desire to ensure that all citizens are treated equally, irrespective of their individual beliefs and that it would bring harmony to the nation, advocating for the elimination of political prejudice. Adding that the Administration came into office to bring political stability, the President urged the wider public to unite for the nation's progress.