President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has B pledged to devote his efforts towards the comprehensive development of Thinadhoo City, transforming it into a fully realized urban center. He made the remarks while speaking with the residents of Thinadhoo City.

At the meeting held at Thinadhoo School, the President detailed his plan for the comprehensive development of Thinadhoo City. The President stated that Thinadhoo is among the urban centers of the Administration's realization of regional development.

Speaking on the signing of the Thinadhoo International Airport Development Project, the President said that the forthcoming airport in Thinadhoo City would be constructed per internationally recognized standards.

He emphasized that the overwater airport would adhere to environmentally friendly practices.

In addition, he announced the development of a flight training school and twelve resorts as integral components of the project, which are expected to stimulate job creation and economic growth in the region.