Former President and President of MPD Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says the main opposition party is working to keep the current administration in line and that the party's first aim would be to secure the majority of the parliament.

Speaking at a campaign event for the MP for Hinnavaru Constituency Jeehan Mahmood who is seeking re-election, the former President said that MDP has high hopes for the upcoming parliament election and that the party is working to retain its parliament majority.

Aiming harsh criticism at the current administration, the former President accused President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu of lying to the people and manipulating their sentiments.

He said that even before they came into power and after they came into power, the administration had been making empty promises and said that he could not see the government fulfilling these promises.

Solih said that the government needs to meet the basic needs of the people and no developmental goals can be achieved without meeting these needs.

He further said as a former President he could not stand by and watch the country heading into a slump and that if all works together, it can be prevented.