President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu declared that the Administration would recover the lost territory from the Maldivian Sea and that it would no longer be accessible to foreign armed troops. He made the remarks in a video address on the occasion of the 46th Martyrs' Day today.

In his address, the President extended his greetings and best wishes to all Maldivian citizens and emphasized the evident distress of a country destitute of its sovereignty.

He urged people to stay loyal and faithful to the nation, show reverence and respect for our religion, and strive hard to prevent such a debacle.

The President additionally highlighted King Ali’s sacrifice for liberation and the important lesson that Allah grants victory to the righteous, regardless of limited land or population.

He emphasized the significance of King Ali's faith, his love for the country, his bravery, and his devotion to the state.

He stated that several significant national lessons are associated with Martyrs' Day, which can only be understood by thoroughly analyzing our history. He then elaborated and provided further insights and lessons in today's address.