Main Opposition Party MDP and the Democrats boycotted the Parliament session held today in which President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu delivered his first Presidential Address to the parliament.

MDP said in a statement last night that its Parliamentary Group has decided to boycott the session based on several reasons. MDP said that this includes President Muizzu declaring the day the President makes his Presidential Address to the Parliament a non-holiday every year.

MDP said that this decision neglected the respect afforded to the legislative house. MDP also said that their decision to boycott the session was negated by the actions of government officials who gathered outside the Parliament on the day the parliamentarians attempted to approve the Ministers of this government.

The Opposition party said that the government has failed to properly investigate the threats made to the MPs following the actions at the Parliament where protesters were accused of throwing stones and objects at the Parliament house.

Meanwhile, Democrats indicated that they would too boycott the session as three cabinet members who did not win the Parliament's backing were invited to the session.