Former President Mohamed Nasheed has announced today that he has decided to step aside from active politics.

In a statement, the former Speaker of the Parliament said that he has spent many years in the political arena and has received love and support as well as hate and harassment from many and that they are all participants of his political career.

Nasheed said in his political work, he prioritized making the multi-party political system work as well to make the Maldives a country that upholds the pillars of Islam, and human rights and gives its people the freedom to express themselves in all forms.

He noted that many achievements have been gained in these areas.

The former President recounted that during his political life, he has had to endure pain, sadness, loneliness, and face the torture of being locked up in jail. He also mentioned that he has to sacrifice his personal life and has been forced to live away from his family most of the time.

Nasheed said that as the President and as the Speaker of the Parliament he has always worked to serve the people of the Maldives and that his hope is the next generation will continue to hold the government and the country's leaders accountable.

Nasheed revealed that he has accepted the post of the Secretary General of the Climate Vulnerable Forum and that he would continue to serve the Maldives in this role.

He added that he would start his new post next month.