The Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has appointed Ibrahim Sharif Mohammed as its Managing Director.

Speaking as the Managing Director of a MACL, Sharif said Maldives is in an economic abyss today and that recovering it is one of the biggest presidential pledges of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. He noted that Tourism is one of the areas where the best work can be done to improve this.

Sharif said the development of Maldives airport is very important for the tourism sector. The airport has been dug in the last five years. Sharif said the President wants to bring the airport to operational level for next season.

Sharif said he wanted to assure the people and President Muizzu that the task could be done.

Sharif’s educational background is that he completed his Masters in Commerce. He completed his higher education from the United Kingdom.

Sharif, who has been serving the country since 1987, has also held the post of Commissioner General of Customs and Chairman of the Transport Authority. Sharif has also served as Maldives Trade Representative in Australia.