A motion has been submitted to the Parliament today calling on the new government to clarify its housing policy and to release the flats and land plots to the recipients who have already received documents from the previous government.

The motion was submitted by the MP for Galolhu South Constituency Meekail Ahmed Naseem.

Speaking after submitting the motion, the MP said that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu repeatedly said that when he comes to power he would not take away any flats or land plots awarded by the former government.

Meekail said, however, in his first press conference, Housing Minister for this government Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed questioned the legality of the land registries issued and warned that the location of the land plots might be changed.

The MP further said that the budget for the next year includes MVR 400 million for Fushidhigarru reclamation project but none for to development of basic services in areas allocated for land plots in Hulhumale' and Gulheefalhu by the former government.

Most of the MDP members who spoke during the debate of the motion supported MP Meekail's assertion and reiterated that this government has snatched the housing opportunities given by the former government.

But the MP for Henveiru South Constituency Hussain Shaheem accused the former government of employing an ineffective point-scoring system for flat applicants and cannot accept the government giving flats to those who got higher marks by giving inaccurate information. He further said that a more accurate review of the applications would find that flats were awarded to those who did not deserve housing and that the flat list must be revised.

Meanwhile, the MP for Thulusdhoo Constituency Ibrahim Naseem questioned the intention of MP Meekail when he submitted the motion and accused the MP of trying to create chaos in the country.

He said that the Minister explained his comments at the Parliament's National Development and Heritage Committee hearing yesterday and assured that the government would not change the locations of the land plots.