Maldives Transport and Contracting Company MTCC has called on the media not to report fake news that tarnishes the company's name and makes the public lose its confidence in the company.

In a statement, MTCC said that some are publishing baseless false news about the company just to damage the company's name.

It said that a leading online news outlet published a piece of fake news about the company and described the news as an uncivil attempt to erase the confidence in people's hearts towards MTCC and its top management.

MTCC said that the outlet had alleged that the top management had made deals for their own financial gain but that these allegations were baseless and untrue.

The Company said that items purchased for projects and other goods bought for the company are procured as per the Procurement Policy approved by MTCC's board and that these transactions are also carried out under this policy.

MTCC said that these transactions are approved in different stages and the approval stages are well documented.

The Company also said that though some news outlets have been reporting false news for their own personal agenda, most of the media outlets in the country are practicing responsible news reporting.