President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu says the government of Maldives is actively working on establishing an embassy in Turkey where many Maldivians live and is also a popular holiday destination.

The President gave the assurance while speaking at a special meeting held with the Maldivian community residing in Türkiye. The meeting was held at the Nation's Library in the capital, Ankara.

During the meeting, the President inquired about the needs of the community and the challenges they encountered. Participants shared their daily struggles at the meeting and emphasized the need for government facilitation. They specifically highlighted the absence of a Maldivian embassy in Turkey and the constraints on cash withdrawals abroad imposed by the Bank of Maldives.

President Muizzu met with Maldivians residing in Turkey/Photo: President's Office

The attendees disclosed the grief experienced by trainees due to the difficulties involved in traveling back to the Maldives during the holidays. They also implored the possibility of seeking more scholarships and training opportunities for Maldivians.

Speaking at the meeting, President Muizzu said that the government is actively working on establishing an embassy in Turkey. The President also assured that the administration is in talks with the Bank of Maldives (BML) to address the concerns of cash withdrawal limitations.

The President disclosed that, following deliberations with Turkey officials yesterday, a decision was reached to allocate 30 scholarship opportunities to the Maldives for 2024, with applications expected to open in January.

Emphasizing the administration's commitment to ensuring ease for Maldivian students studying abroad, the President assured that concerns would be proactively addressed through consultations with relevant ministries. He added that the government will extend its full support to local students pursuing their education overseas, thereby reinforcing its commitment to the academic success of its students.

President Muizzu acknowledged Turkey's ongoing contributions to the economic development of the Maldives. He expressed steadfast confidence in nurturing and enhancing the bilateral relations with Turkey in the future.