MP for Mahchangoalhi Central Constituency Mohamed Nasheed has defended the Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed on the same day a fellow MP called on his colleagues not to approve the Minister.

Earlier today, MP for South Galolhu Meekail Ahmed Naseem said that he would not give his vote to approve Minister Haidar and that the South Galolhu Constituency would not back a Housing Minister who arrived with the intention of taking back the housing from Male' residents. MP Meekail then went on to urge his fellow MPD MP and MPs from other parties not to give approval to Housing Minister Haidar.

The MP's passionate call came after the Minister held his first news conference yesterday in which he cast doubts over the flats and land plots issued by the former government of MDP and its allies.

But surprisingly, the former Speaker of the Parliament Nasheed spoke in defense of the Minister at the Parliament today. Nasheed said that the Minister has his full confidence and that the Parliament has no place not to give approval to the cabinet of the new government.

Nasheed said that Minister Haidar has been working at the Planning Ministry since its inception and that he was a technical individual.

He further said that he supported the Minister's comments on reviewing the flat recipient lists issued by the former government.

Nasheed also aimed criticism at the former Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam and State Minister Akram Kamaaludeen and said that many from the public contacted him to complain about the flat list.