The Parliament has decided to extend today's session as the debate on the proposed state budget for 2024 kicked off today.

The Parliament is looking to wrap up the debate in one day and has extended the session till 10:00 p.m. tonight. This would give ample time for all the MPs who want to take part in the debate a chance to have their say and allow for free time during the debate.

This decision was made with the backing of 34 MPs who took part in the vote.

The former government proposed a budget of MVR 49.5 billion for 2024. This includes MVR 34.8 billion for operational costs, MVR 8.6 billion for PSIP projects, and MVR 6 billion for capital costs.

The budget was made with the assumption that next year, state revenue would reach MVR 33.5 billion.

This includes MVR 25.6 from taxes, MVR 6.6 from other avenues, and MVR 1.3 billion as free aid.