Minister of Housing Dr. Ali Haidharu Ahmed says the new government will not accept flats and lands issued by the former government after President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was elected as President.

Speaking at his first press conference after being appointed as Minister, the Minister said that when President Muizzu got elected as President he requested the former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to stop issuing flats and lands during the transition period.

Minister Haidharu said that this government viewed this as disrespecting President Muizzu.

He further said the former government issued land registries for lands that have not been reclaimed and that the government has to check the legality of such documents.

Minister Haidharu said that the former government was ordered by the ACC to stop issuing flats because of the number of complaints its received about the flats and that the government has decided to review these lists.

He said that many flats and land plots were given between the two presidential rounds and this government would check whether they were given to the most deserved recipients.