Former President and current MP for Mahchangoalhi Central Constituency Mohamed Nasheed has praised the Palestinian resistance group Hamas and said that it is a group that cannot be destroyed as the war in Palestine is for all of humanity.

He made these passionate remarks at the debate on the motion to ban Israeli nations because of its continuous aggression against occupied Palestinian territories and the siege of Gaza.

Nasheed said that the issue of Palestine is as old as humanity itself and even the formation of the United Nations could not find a solution to the matter.

The former Speaker of the Parliament said that Israel must stop its aggressions in occupied Palestinian land and that there was no doubt about it.

Nasheed said that Parliaments in European countries were now speaking against the inhumane actions of Israel. He said that Israel has been attacking and bombing hospitals in Gaza to weed out Hamas fighters and destroy their command centers. Nasheed said that these supposed command centers are nowhere to be seen.

Hamas cannot be destroyed. Humanity is showing us that even Israel or the Western powers cannot destroy the group. The spirit of fighting for one's freedom cannot be extinguished.
MP Nasheed

The former President said that he would always advocate for the freedom and liberty of the Palestinian people.