A flock of colorful flamingos has been spotted in the north of the country days after the Environmental Protection Agency EPA warned the public about migratory birds.

Social media posts show at least five flamingos have touched in Haa Dhaalu Kulhudhufushi. The mangroves in the North of the country have attracted migrating Flamingos in recent years.

The EPA had recently warned the public about harming and capturing migratory animals.

The EPA shared via a social media post that the Maldives is an important wintering ground for many migratory birds of the Central Asian Flyway.

EPA said that As many of these species are in decline or already globally threatened, they encouraged everyone to observe these marvelous creatures in the wild, without causing them any harm.

The Agency then shared best practice guidelines as stated in the Protected Species Regulation (R-25/2021) and amendment 5 of the regulation (2023/R-169).

EPA instructed the public to always give the birds at least 6ft distance when observing them in the wild and to approach slowly and not startle the birds.

The Agency said that members of the public are encouraged to slowly back away if approached by a nesting/territorial bird. It said that the members of the public must always keep at least 30M-100M distance when flying drones near the birds.

The EPA cautioned against chasing the birds or capturing or feeding the birds. It said that if anyone encounters a bird that appears sick or injured they should call the agency via its hotline number 7980379.