Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has resigned from his post with another parliament session scheduled to remove him from his post today.

Nasheed had notified the Parliament Secretariate of his decision to resign from the post of Speaker.

In his letter, the former President said that he understood that the matter of his removal may have implications for the democratic governance of the country and that the Parliament Majority Party MDP has acted against the principles of democracy.

He further said that MDP had turned to the Courts to weaken the Parliament and its members and that this was a sad injustice.

Nasheed added that if he remained as the Speaker of the Parliament, the damage from the majority party would be increasing.

He said that with his resignation there would be stability and integrity back to the democratic system.

MDP has been trying to remove Nasheed as Speaker since last month and has been thwarted several times. With most of the sessions canceled or stopped before MDP could submit the motion, Nasheed's resignation comes as a surprise as many predicted that he would hold on to his position till the new President takes the oath of office next Friday.