The Supreme Court has concluded its hearings on the case submitted by MDP seeking clarification from the country's top court after the session which would have seen the submission of the resolution be canceled after the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament called in sick.

The Parliament has been unable to move forward with the no-confidence resolution which frustrated MDP and it turned to the Supreme Court for a legal solution.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament MP Eva Abdullah has been on medical leave since last week and Parliament Standing Order stipulates that only the Deputy Speaker can chair a session that could potentially vote out the Speaker.

The Supreme Court heard testimonies from all parties related to the case yesterday and at another hearing today.

The top court adjourned the hearing without announcing a date on which it would give its ruling on the matter. However, Presiding Judge Mahaaz Ali Zahir said that the Supreme Court would decide on the matter as soon as it could.

Representatives from MDP, the Parliament, and the Attorney General's Office as well as PPM and Democrats who legally intervened for the case spoke in court.

The Democrats said that the Supreme Court has no place in the matter and that the issue can be resolved within the parliament.

But MDP, the PPM coalition as well and the Attorney General's Office requested the court intervention.