The Democrats passed a resolution last night that gives an ultimatum to both MDP and PNC ahead of the Presidential Run-Off scheduled for later this month.

PNC Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and MDP Presidential Candidate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih claimed the first two spots of the Presidential Election first round but must now compete in a run-off as no candidate secured 50 percent of the votes.

The newly formed Democrats came in at a respectable third place and claimed a stake for the decider with more than 15,000 votes in their favor. Democrats have met with both MDP and PNC to hold talks about a potential coalition before the run-off and last night passed a resolution that would ultimately decide its future.

The resolution was proposed by temporary council member Mohamed Shifaz in which he included two conditions for the two opposing parties. The condition for MDP stated that the party must hold a public referendum on the governance system on the 28th of this month while for PNC, the condition was to sign a coalition agreement which specifies how much involvement the democrats would be given in their coalition government and its policies.

The resolution stated that if neither party agreed to the conditions proposed to them before this Wednesday, the Democrats would remain neutral for the run-off.

While the resolution was then put to a debate, the democrats council members present at the meeting last night passed it with 50 out of the 64 members present supporting the proposal.