The Planning Ministry has handed over Gaafu Hurendhoo to the Kolamaafushi Council of the same Atoll to be used as a picnic island.

Hurendhoo was handed over to Kolamaafushi Council under the regulation on handing over uninhabited islands to island councils for purposes other than fisheries, agriculture, and economic activities.

Under this regulation, the President has the power to hand over uninhabited islands to the island council with conditions.

Hurendhoo was handed over to Kolamaafushi Council for a period of five years and the handover agreement was signed yesterday.

State Minister Akram Kamaaluddin signed the agreement on behalf of the ministry at a ceremony held at the Planning Ministry. Vice President of the Kolamaafushi Council Shahaamath Haneef signed on behalf of the council.

Hurendhoo, located in front of Kolamaafushi, is a five-minute speedboat ride away from the island and it was previously under the Fisheries Ministry. The island covers an area of 3 hectares.

The Planning Ministry had previously handed over the island to the councils.