The Elections Commission has confirmed that more than 9,000 individuals submitted re-registration forms yesterday alone.

The Commission opened re-registration for voters who want to change the place of voting for the Presidential run-off last week.

While the deadline for re-registration is by 03:00 p.m. tomorrow, voters can submit re-registration forms both physically and via the online platform.

Earlier today, Vice President of the Elections Commission Ismail Habeeb said via 'X' that yesterday alone 9,000 registrations were submitted to the Commission.

He further said that out of this 7,000 forms were submitted online.

Reports have circulated online that some parties are attempting to falsify re-registration forms and this prompted the Commission to announce that it would be calling the number included noted in the form to verify the identification of the voter.

The Commission also said that it would take action against anyone who had submitted invalid re-registration forms. It called on all relevant parties not to deny any individual their right to vote.

The Presidential Election Run-Off is to be held on the 30th of this month with PNC Candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu going up against MDP Candidate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as both won the highest number of votes in the first round of the election held earlier this month.