The Anti-Corruption Commission has said that it received a total of 29 complaints related to electoral fraud and corruption after the Presidential Election first round held last Saturday.

The Commission said that out of the 29 complaints submitted, it deemed that 7 warranted further investigation and that the Commission has now begun its own investigation into these 7 complaints.

ACC said that most of the complaints submitted related to the misuse of state resources and bribe-related incidents.

The Commission further said that among the complaints it was now actively investigating include the government issuing land plots from Hulhumale' under its 'Binveriya Scheme as well as the draw for the land plots.

ACC confirmed that it would take relevant action in relation to these cases. It added that some of this action could only be taken upon further verification and that it was collecting the relevant information.

The state's influence on the electoral process has been questioned by different parties involved and today the MP for Maafannu North Constituency Imthiyaz Fahmy submitted a motion to the parliament calling on the government to stop influencing the elections.