Jumhooree Party Presidential Candidate MP for Maamigili Constituency Qasim Ibrahim promises that if elected, soldiers, policemen, and judges serving the country would be given free housing from the government.

Speaking at a campaign rally held on his own island of Alifu Alifu Maamigili, Qasim said that he keeps hearing that the government would arrange housing for soldiers and policemen but he has yet to see this become a reality.

Qasim said if the people elected him, he would make sure to provide free housing to all servicemen as well as judges and their families.

Speaking more about his plans, Qasim said that he envisioned vacating part of the MNDF quarters in Bandaarakoshi and building a 15-story building there to allow servicemen to live with their families for free.

Qasim and his party launched his manifesto for the elections last Wednesday.

He pledged that under his administration, the housing units allocated for MNDF and Police would be finished within the first year of his term and handed over to their recipients.

He also pledged to start a 1,000-housing unit project for MNDF and police and finish it within three years.