State Trading Organization STO makes history after opening the country's first smart store today.

The store is located in Hulhumale' Phase I where STO operated its previous shop.

STO said that all the business transactions from the Store would be carried out via its App, 'STO Smart Store. The Company said that customers must create a login for the App and register their bank cards for easy use from the STO.

It said that the doors of the store would open once the customer scans the QR code on the door of the store. It explained that customers can pick the items they want and exit the store and that the store system will charge the purchases to the card registered via the App.

STO said that its 'STO Smart Store' App is available for download via the Apple and Google Store.

The Company said that with Smart Shop, shopping time for customers would be minimized and that customers can avoid inaccuracies during money transactions.

STO said that its smart store offers a variety of products and that for now, it would be open during regular hours but that it hopes to make the store a 24-hour shop in the near future.

It added that the concept of smart stores may be novel in the Maldives, but it was fairly common around the world.