Malsives National Party (MNP) President Mohamed Nazim hold talks at Sun island resort with Jumhooree party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim.

Along with MNP presidential candidate Nazim, Vilimale MP Ahmed Usham and Thimarafushi MP Abdullah Riaz participated in the talks.

Nor JP or MNP gave details of the meeting but dtated that the discussion was about the upcoming election and other than saying it was a very 'special meeting', Gasim's advisor Ahmed Nihan did not disclose any details.

Nazim was a member of JP until he forms MNP. Both the leders have announced that they will contest in the upcoming election individuallyand campaining is already underway.

On behalf of former president Abdulla Yameen a team from Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) also had a meeting with Gasim. Peoples National Congress (PNC) president Abdul Raheem Abdullah (Adrey) said the meeting was held under the advice and guidance of president Yameen and discussed current political situations and various other issues.